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3D Terrain

A new system of landscape tiles for wargamers laser cut from sturdy MDF

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What's different about these tiles?
Although they differ in many ways from tiles already on the market the most unique feature of this system is that they allow the creation of continuous flowing contours and levels below ground.
What size are they?
Initially they will be offered in sizes of 150mm and 300mm square with both sizes compatible with one another. I also plan a range of larger 450mm square tiles for bigger club tables.
How much will they cost?
This is subject to change but I estimate about £10 for a flat 300mm square tile and a little more for more complex shapes.
Where can I buy them?
They will be sold through the web site at the top of this page and also at selected wargaming shows.
What locks them together?
There are two systems that hold the tiles firmly together during play, a gridded mat that fits into cut outs on the underside of each board or simple keys that join each tile to it's neighbour around the edge of the playing area.
Do they come ready assembled?
At first I plan to sell them flat packed for self assembly but if there is enough demand for a ready made option at a price that will cover the cost I will make pre-assembled tiles available.
How hard are they to assemble?
They are designed to be easy to put together with a bit of PVA glue. They are a lot simpler to construct than the average piece of IKEA furniture!
How do I store and transport them?
I have already prototyped a carrying and storage case which will allow tiles to be packed away and transported easily and efficiently.
What sort of playing surface are they finished with?
The tiles will be sold with a plain MDF finish for you to apply flock, felt or any other material you favour to but I'm examining the possibility of also providing a pre-cut thin carpet like material to surface them with.