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3D Terrain

A new system of landscape tiles for wargamers laser cut from sturdy MDF

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In the real world hills don't appear as pimples or stepped pyramids on a perfectly flat plain and rivers, gullies and trenches don't stand above the surrounding ground so why do wargaming battlefields include such improbable features? Mountain High 3D Terrain is a range of interlocking tiles that combine in an almost unlimited number of ways to create a convincing, flowing landscape as a arena for miniature battles.

Mountain High is a new company set up to make and sell an innovative new product for wargamers. I aim to be in a position to fulfil orders this summer but at the moment there's a bit more development to do. This web site will grow over time so please check back occasionally.

Your feedback would be very much appreciated so if you see anything on this web site that sparks your interest or you have any comments, questions or suggestions please send me an email.